Individual Awards

Coach of Tournament

Tito Otieno Osodo (King Tot) - One pair oftrack suit.

Best Player (MVP)

Hussein Mohammed (Young Mullers) - Trophy,pair of boots, shin guards

Top Scorer

Victor Otieno (Kisima FC) - Trophy, pair of boots, shin guards

Best Keeper

Tom Oluoch (Magic 90) - Trophy, pair of boots, shin guards, gloves.



Kisima FC - 1st Place Trophy, Ball, Kshs. 15,000

1st Runners Up

Kakakuona FC - 2nd Place Trophy, Ball, Kshs. 7,500

2nd Runners Up

Young Mullers - 3rd Place Trophy, Kshs. 5,000

3rd Runners Up

Tico Riders - Two pairs of bibs

Most disciplined team

Akafo FC - One pair of uniform

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